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Doing business in Spain

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Types of corporations

Spain has become an important country for starting a business or as a base for doing business in America or Europe. Should I set up a company or choose rather to work on a self-employed basis? What documents do I need in each case? Spanish Corporate Law and tax regulations are complex, it is strongly advisable to seek local legal assistance to help firms incorporate in Spain.

Doing business in Spain without investing

How could I promote my goods in Spain without investing? what business vehicles are allowed under Spanish law to penetrate the Spanish market? Doing business in Spain may imply investment or just imply the signature of a contract with a Spanish company or individual.

How to set up a business in Spain

What steps should I take to set up my business in Spain? How much will it cost? How long will it take to complete the necessary formalities?

Reting alnd letting business premises

Rental contracts on business premises are governed by the parties’ agreement, and secondly by the Law on Urban Lettings. Here you have some useful tips based on the current law of urban lettings, these do not substitute the services of a lawyer, in fact many complications may arise later. All questions about the law’s applications to individual cases should be directed to a Spanish Lawyer.

Debts’ collection

Late payment of commercial debts is a major problem for European businesses, the consequences are damaging to companies. This is the main reason why it is advisable before entering into a deal with any company, to make sure to assess the risk of doing business with them.

Insolvency and bankruptcy in Spain

I am the director of a Spanish limited company and owe money. Am I allowed to file for bankruptcy? What should I do if I find out that my main customer is stopping payments to other suppliers known by me? Why and how should I file for bankruptcy before Spanish Courts?

Personal liability of directors of Spanish companies for corporate debts

A Spanish company owes me money and it seems to have completely disappeared from its place of business without any notice. Am I entitled to sue such company´s directors?