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International Law Firm Spain

Garcia-Petite Law Firm in Spain, was established in 1982 and since then has been developing its activity in different legal areas, mainly in the business environment, where it has reached a long, established and recognized expertise , to offer a diversified portfolio of legal services, without losing the initial perspective of business.

The current needs and interdependence of relationships between individuals and groups, whether professional or human in general, has determined that initial territorialist conception of Laws has been overtaken by the increasing internationalization of the relationships of all kinds in general, making these are part of the internal management and in many areas of daily decision-making human endeavor.

Garcia-Petite Law Firm is a Spanish legal firm that has a competent and experienced team of professionals to serve our customers, allowing to serve them also in other languages​​, such as English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic and Turkish; very valuable communication tools, which enable our customers to be served with a better level of understanding and approach to the area of legal services needed. More value we add to our professional management, and a value for which we are also recognizes and distinguishes.


Why us?

Our goal is to unburden you from the details and work through the business implications to help find the right business/legal solution for you and your company.

  • We stay on top of your business
  • We offer no-nonsense advice
  • We think beyond the text books
  • We do not try to be everything to everyone.
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