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Human Rights Law

Human Rights Lawyers in Spain

If you believe you have suffered an infringement of your human rights in Spain, we can bring an impressive depth of experience to your individual case. Our Spanish human rights solicitors have particular experience in challenging human rights abuses in education law, social and health care law, and in relation to abuses that occur whilst someone is in state detention or care.

We have experience in Human rights abuses cases in Spain involving:

  • - Right to life
  • - Right to a private and family life
  • - Right to a fair hearing
  • - Inhuman or degrading treatment
  • - False imprisonment / deprivation of liberty
  • - Actions against the police
  • - Sexual discrimination or harassment
  • - Racial discrimination or harassment
  • - Equal pay claims
  • - Denial of healthcare/medication for financial reasons
  • - International human rights abuses

Our experienced team at Garcia-Petite Firm will be working on your behalf, so you can be assured that you will have some of the most outstanding Human Rights lawyers in Spain working for you.