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Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Litigation & Dispute Resolution in Spain

García Petite is a Spanish business law firm in which litigation counsel are always available to provide their expertise and advice in solving a variety of business and related issues before litigation ensues.

We regularly advise clients on appropriate actions to minimize conflict and control risk in Spanish market.

When disputes arise, we counsel strategies to control the conflict and contain the damage and costs. When litigation becomes necessary, we aggressively represent our clients interests, while also searching for innovative solutions to achieve our clients objectives. We provide excellent representation and, in all cases, we focus on meeting our clients’ objectives in a cost effective manner.

Our depth and experience is reflected by the broad range of courts and tribunals where our clients have been successfully represented, including:

  • - Representation of clients at all judicial levels, including the Court of Appeal and Supreme Court of Spain
  • - Representation of clients before administrative and quasi-judicial tribunal
  • - Mediation, arbitration and other forms of alternative dispute resolution

Related Litigation and Dispute Resolution services in Spain

Our litigation and dispute resolution in Spanish market include:

  • - ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution)
  • - Appellate Litigation
  • - Business Litigation
  • - Commercial and Contractual Disputes
  • - Commercial Fraud
  • - Debtor/Creditor Litigation
  • - Employment Litigation, including Wrongful Dismissal Claims for Employees and Employers
  • - Estates & Trusts Litigation
  • - Franchise Litigation
  • - Insolvency Proceedings, including Advice to Receivers, Trustees in Bankruptcy, Secured Creditors, Unsecured Creditors and Debtors
  • - Professional Liability
  • - Professional Malpractice
  • - Regulatory Offences
  • - Shareholder and Partnership Disputes
  • - Trademark and Copyright Disputes