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Employment Law

Employment Law in Spain

Our employment law group is experienced in providing practical advice to both employers and employees, in the Spanish market, in relation to a wide range of employment law and human resource matters. We also provide guidance to employers on employment related issues which may arise in the purchase and sale of a business.

Our approach is to provide sound, realistic and, where possible, proactive advice to assist clients in avoiding or resolving employment law issues in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

When disputes arise, we are able to provide expert representation for either employers or employees in relation to a broad range of employment law disputes. We have successfully represented clients before all levels of court in Spain and all its provinces, in arbitrations and before various boards and tribunals. We also have extensive experience and success in resolving disputes through mediation before unnecessary legal costs are incurred.

As a result of representing both employers and employees over the years, we are able to see issues from both sides and use our experience to develop an effective strategy for our clients.

Related Employment Law services in Spain

Our business law services in Spanish market include:

  • - Drafting and/or negotiation of employment contracts
  • - Drafting and/or negotiation of confidentiality, non-competition and non-solicitation agreements
  • - Drafting and revising a wide variety of employment policies and procedures to ensure employers are in compliance with all statutory and regulatory obligations
  • - Reviewing employment contracts to ensure compliance with legal obligations and to ensure enforceability, particularly in relation to termination/severance provisions and with respect to non-solicitation and non-competition clauses
  • - Advising clients in relation to severance pay or termination packages
  • - Advising clients in relation to “just clause” claims
  • - Advising clients in relation to workplace disciplinary proceedings
  • - Assisting clients with workplace investigations related to alleged misconduct or human rights violations
  • - Representing clients in relation to claims of wrongful or constructive dismissal
  • - Advising client in relation to employment law issues which arise in the purchase or sale of a business